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Hi there. My name is Terrence Ong. I am a software developer with years of experience developing mobile app (IOS & Android) and web app.

I mainly focus on high-level programming to create enterprise or consumer level application (something like those apps that you use on your phone or web app like Facebook or blog spot).
To people who are keen to learn to program either for your school, career or hobby, I'm more than happy to be able to help you to grasp the idea and concept of writing good code with the best practice in the current market. I will use different methods of teaching and guide for the different level of programming knowledge that you have.

I can use the following programming language to conduct the training:

- C#
- Java
- JavaScript

But don't get the wrong idea that this is the only limited set of languages that you can understand after the training. In the world of programming, if you can master the concept and idea correctly, you can explore all the programming language by self-learning.

I will strategize my training in order to enable you to:-
* Understand programming concept and theory.
* Write code
* Learn some common algorithm that is useful in programming.
* Build you own application (web app, mobile app & etc.)
* Become a ninja software developer :-)

If you stay in Woodlands area, I can go to you. Else you will have to come to my place (free wifi).
Time can be adjusted according to you need, we can discuss on that.

To book your class today,
Call/SMS/Watsapp me @ +65 92218289


☎   92218289

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Terrence Ong

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28 years


Hourly asking price:
30 SGD

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