EMERGENCY O LEVEL TUTORING NEEDED??? 1 on 1 private tuition with an elite teacher is what you need!

235 Choa Chu Kang Central, Singapore 680235

Tutoring available for Maths, Chemistry and Biology O level exam

Also available for Sec 3 and below Maths, Chem, Bio, Physics, and Junior College H1 Maths, Chemistry and Biology

*Top A Level Graduate From Raffles Institution, with good experience in tutoring, great feedback from previous students and parents, and strong interpersonal skills* Enrolling in NTU Medicine next year

-Dedicated and Passionate about teaching. I take great pride and joy in seeing my students improve while gaining confidence in themselves. I care for not just their current grades, but their personal growth and development as well.

-Specialized in giving tuition for secondary school A Maths, E Maths, and Sciences (Chemistry, Biology) and JC H1 Maths, Biology and Chemistry

-Highly qualified and experienced.

-Average rates at 35-40/hr, negotiable

-Tuition Centres are welcome!

I graduated from Raffles Institution Integrated Program in 2014, attaining As in H2 Chemistry, H2 Mathematics, H2 Biology, H2 Economics, H1 General Paper, H1 Project Work, as well as H1 German. In summary, I have 7 straight As and a perfect University Admission Score.

I was a CCA leader with numerous achievements back in school, meaning I am not just strong in my academics, but I also possess strong interpersonal and communication skills required of a good tutor, and I will be an exemplary role model for students to excel in all aspects of school.

Still fresh from being a student , I fully understand the demands of the syllabus and what it takes for students to excel in the examinations. Besides content knowledge, I will also teach students exam skills, time and stress management techniques, that schools hardly pay attention to but yet are vital for students to excel in their exams.

Experienced: I have previously taught many students, including primary 5, secondary 2,3 and 4, and Jc 1 and 2. Both my students and their parents have been highly satisfied with my service and teaching method. I even have letters of appreciation from my students. My students come from various different backgrounds as well, and there are both male and female students


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Other subjects


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3 years


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36 SGD

September 24, 2015 16:04 (3 years ago)

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