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I have 5 years of entertainment writing experience, and graduated from NTU’s Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI) with a Bachelor of Communication Studies (Upper Second-Class Honours). I did a mix of journalism and philosophy. I have four years of 'A' level GP tutoring experience, and have also taught 'O' level students English during this period as well. I write creatively about various topics, from academia to satire.

Subjects I teach:
English, General Paper, Social Studies, Philosophy (up until undergraduate level)

My teaching style:
Of course, I will coach my students on how to do their homework. Other than that, I may use newspapers and/or readings I find on the Internet as teaching materials, and will assign reflection papers or essay assignments if the student has little to no school-assigned homework.

I help students become interested in (and perhaps even be passionate about) the subjects I teach them by involving their hobbies in some way. For example, say I teach a Secondary 4 student English, and he/she is scoring badly in the subject because of a lack of motivation to study it. I will ask him/her what her hobbies are, and suppose it is watching Game of Thrones (an American TV series). I will then assign him/her fun homework, such as compiling a list of words from Game of Thrones that he/she is unfamiliar with, and then instructing him/her to research the definitions of those words before forming proper sentences using those words.

School results:
I attained A1 for English ('O' Level), A for GP ('A' Level), and a Second-Class Honours (Upper Division) for my Bachelor degree.


☎   +65 98182796

Teaching subjects:
Social studies
Other subjects


Phone number:
+65 98182796


25 years


Hourly asking price:
75 SGD

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