Experienced IP/IB English, English Literature, Language Arts tutor (Secondary School, JC, IP/IB)

19 Bedok Reservoir View, Singapore 478935

At present, I have been tutoring privately for more than 7 years. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and have a particular proclivity for teaching English and the humanities, tailoring my tutoring to the student's needs. My lessons reflect a particular focus on refining the student's essay writing skills and critical reading ability, and I generally create my own teaching material as well, formulating questions based on the given texts and sourcing reference materials for the student.

I have tutored 5 J2 students for English Literature; 4 of them had their grades improved from Ds and Es in school to As and Bs for the A-levels (1 pending). I also taught English and literary analysis skills at an academy for English as a Second Language students from Korea in the primary and lower secondary levels for two and a half years, all of whom improved by 4-5 marks in the academy’s internal tests. I have also tutored 1 O-level student in English Literature (B4 in school examinations to A1 at O-levels), and 1 J2 student in H2 China Studies in English (E/S in school examinations to B at A-levels).

Currently, I am tutoring one IB1 (ACSI) and one IB3 student (MGS) in English and English Literature, one Secondary 3 student (NYGH) in English and English Literature, and one J1 Student (VJC) in English Literature. My NYGH student has seen her essay and overall scores improve from Bs to As, and my two IB students (IB2/ACSI and IB4/MGS) have both maintained their A grades as well. As can be seen from the above, I am familiar with the current standards and required skills for IP/IB English and English Literature, as my current secondary school students are all IP/IB English and English Literature students. I am also familiar with the Express stream O-level English Literature syllabus, having guided students through the crucial Secondary 4 year.

As a student, I consistently achieved high grades in the subjects of English and English Literature, and have a track record of producing the same good results in my students. At present, I teach four students online, and teach face-to-face classes to one student, demonstrating my comfort with both physical and virtual classes. My rates differ according to the student's level -- please contact me for more details :)


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Zi Hui Idelle Yee

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26 years


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60 SGD

August 10, 2022 03:27 (7 months ago)

August 10, 2022 03:29 (7 months ago)

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