Finance/ Accounting/ Econs tuition by former SUSS head of subject head and JCU lecturer

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You are in SMU. Your SMU profs don't really care if you are dead. Few of them even bother to engaging you. You attend classes with that look of absolute confusion and your mind is in a state of pandemonium. Lessons happen at light speed. You learn nothing!

Presenting to you this. I am not a SMU prof. But, I have the attitude, commitment and dedication that they don't have. I stay up late to reply texts. Which full time academic would?

I have served the major institutions from SAA, SUSS, James Cook and Kaplan. Today, you can have my support free (first lesson). Hear me out for 1 hour free (subject) to availability. If you think I am good enough, we can chat more about the next step to bring this forward.

My youtube videos available at

My specialisation:

1. Financial Accounting (basic/ intermediate/ advance levels)

2. Corporate finance

3. Fixed income

4. Cost/ Management accounting

5. Financial management

To quote Einstein, "Insanity lied in repeating the same while hoping for different results." And, Leonard Susskind said, "If you can't explain simply, you don't understand."

So, are you ready to make that change? All you need to do is to allow me is just an hour of your time and that is all you need to change the course of your grades. A costless option is one that is of value.

PS: Lessons available face to face and online formats. You may also reach out to me through [email protected] My replies on Carousell tend to be slow.

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Teaching subjects:
Business studies

chia wildy

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27 years


Hourly asking price:
70 SGD

April 1, 2020 18:43 (9 months ago)

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