Former MOE teacher

606 Senja Rd, Block 606, Singapore 670606

Subjects Offered: O Level and A level Math

In his 5 years as an MOE teacher in Singapore, T. Gan believes strongly in keeping explanation simple and to involve layman terms during lessons to relate to his students and reaffirm his students’ basic knowledge on O level and A level math. Thus, he is able to teach students of varying academic abilities to achieve their fullest potential.

He has 9 years of teaching experience in A level Mathematics and 6 years of teaching experience in O level Mathematics. 2 years ago, he was also asked to help students in IB Mathematics. He is also one the founders of MindPrep Learning Center at Potong Pasir and currently is working with textbook publisher.

Through his numerous years of teaching experience, he feels that the poor understanding of concepts is one of the key factors that have severely hindered students from having constant practice with Mathematics questions. Everyone can excel in Mathematics, and excellent grades are not hard to achieve in the 'O' and 'A' Levels. What a student needs is perseverance, proper guidance and practice to succeed. Hence, he uses his lessons to first shore up his students’ foundations and conceptual understanding before moving on to more rigorous practice questions.

He groups his tutorial questions accordingly to their level of difficulty so that both weak and stronger students are able to pace themselves within a same class. Group tuition provides a competitive element towards learning, which is a great motivating factor for students to strive harder and learn from one another how to avoid making common errors.


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28 years


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