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I have had experience giving General Paper tuition to students from various Junior Colleges which include Raffles Institution, Victoria Junior College, River Valley High School, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Anderson Junior College, Catholic Junior College, Dunman High School, Pioneer Junior College and Yishun Junior College.

For many of my students, they usually join my class 4-5 months before the start of the "A" levels examination after receiving their mid-year results. This leaves me with very little time to work with them which is worsened by the fact that most students prefer to focus on their H2 subjects rather than their General Paper. This can be further complicated especially if students are from Chinese- speaking background and rarely engage the use of the English Language therefore jeopardising their foundations.

In that limited time, all of my students have managed to improve by at least 2 grades between their Preliminary Examinations to the actual "A" Levels Examination. This can be attributed to the fact that I do not produce "model" arguments for students to memorise and regurgitate. Instead, I encourage group work for students to work on developing their own perspective towards issues and then helping them to craft these perspectives into arguments which can be used in their essays and AQ.

I am also a current NUS (Undergraduate Merit) scholar with the NUS Faculty of Law. I have won many oral advocacy competitions with my most recent win at the International Air and Space Law Academy moot.

I am generally available on weekends and would much prefer if the tutee can come to my place instead. Timings and location can be further negotiated.

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Manfred Lum

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24 years


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50 SGD

June 19, 2016 20:24 (2 years ago)

359 times

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