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Are you looking today for a quality general paper tutor? Look no further.

Here are my qualifications for tutoring GP.
School Attended: NUS faculty of arts and social science- economics and global studies major
Relevant Results: A for GP for alevels. scored in the 99th percentile for GP throughout JC2
Tutoring Experience (in years): 2 years
Brief description of my experience:
- scored in the 99th percentile for both GP and econs during my JC days
- attained As in both GP and econs
- currently studying double major in economics and global studies in NUS
- am currently teaching 4 students, all of whom have improved significantly since I have started tutoring them.

I have personally helped students improve from U grades to A grades

Fees: 35/hr (minimum of 2 to start classes) (Group) 50/hr (Individual)
Venue: Contact me for more info.

What do you get?
1) Specialized tutoring regarding essays as well as comprehension
2) Notes to help specific weakpoints of students
3) Willing to go above and beyond to help you score that A for GP.
4) A friendly and helpful teacher that will achieve results for you.

There will be a free 1 lesson trial for ready groups of 2, contact 96196716 if you are interested in my service or require more information. No free lesson trial for individuals.


☎   96196716

Teaching subjects:
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Valerie Tan

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20 years


Hourly asking price:
35 SGD

January 27, 2017 09:13 (1 year ago)

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