Home local tutor wanted for Primary 2

48 Tanglin Halt Road, Singapore

Looking for a tutor who can come to our home and tutor my son at Blk 27 Tanglin Halt Road
(5mins walking distance from Commonweath MRT Station).

My son is presently studying Primary 2 and he's weak in English

*Could afford only S$12 per hr per day.

*Twice a week - (Monday & Thursday)
* 1800hrs - 1900hrs (6-7pm)
* Prefer Singaporean who speaks our local English.
* Must have teaching experience for lower primary for 1-2 years.
* Preferably someone who knows the Singapore MOE's 2014 syllables for now and later 2015 syllables.
* I really need someone who is very good in the below categories & have passion in teaching with giving results to improve to the students.
1. Composition
2. Comprehension
3. Grammars
4. Vocabulary
5. Nouns
* Please bring your own set of stationery and some print out worksheets as and when required for the student.

Will be starting Primary 3 books in Mid November 2014.

Due to some medical issues, I'm not working more than 2days a week and not earning a lot and could not afford higher tuition fees.

Interested person, please contact me at [email protected] or Mobile 9488 2946.


☎   94882946

Teaching subjects:


Phone number:


8 years


Hourly asking price:
12 SGD

May 9, 2014 06:29 (4 years ago)

June 29, 2014 03:55 (3 years ago)

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