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I am an A Level graduate from Hwachong Institution (2014-2015), currently awaiting admission to university in August this year. Previously, I was from Nanyang Girls' High School (2010-2013). Since I was in the IP stream, I did not sit for the O Levels.

During my Secondary and JC days, I was actively involved in peer tutoring with Dyslexia Association Singapore (DAS), were i coached primary school students in the Chinese language over a course of 4 years. This has enabled me to acquire the necessary skills to cater to the different learning styles and pace of students. Currently, I am also working as a part time tutor and have 4 students at the various secondary levels. Thus, I am familiar with the latest syllabus, which will prove helpful in guiding students.

Having just graduated from Hwachong Institution, the knowledge and answering techniques I have gained from school is still fresh in my memory. I will be more than willing to impart these techniques and knowledge to your child to help her improve her grades. I focus on building up a firm foundation through explanation of concepts before progressing to more advanced skills such as application of concepts and answering questions that involve more than one chapter in the subject.


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19 years


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25 SGD

February 23, 2016 06:19 (2 years ago)

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