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Clementi, Singapore

This is Dr. Sheila. I am a full-time and experienced educator who provides math tuition for Secondary, JC, IP and IB students. I specialise in Mathematics, and has a true passion on education. The knowledge I have accumulated in my study and research can be more valuable when I share it with students.

I’ve got Bachelor degree and Master degree in Applied Math, and was awarded a PhD degree in Mathematical Economics in UK. I enjoy teaching, and am very pleased to see students' progress in Math under my guidance. I started tutoring Sec Math and JC H1/H2 Math about 5 years ago. The students I have taught are across Singapore. Teaching students according to their aptitude is the first and foremost in Math teaching. My lessons are well-designed and organised to meet different learning styles. I have been trying to make real world connections to make the learning more meaningful and to make cross-curricular connections so that the information is not learned in isolation. Most of my students have improved very much in their performance, because they discovered the beauty of Math and became more self-motivated.

Through the guidance of mine, your children can: 1) have very strong analytical skills and problem solving skills; 2) develop their interest in math and become more self-motivated; 3) eliminate careless mistakes 4) improve at least 2 grades in just 8 lessons.

Secondary and IP Math: 60SGD/hr and 2 hours/lesson
JC and IB Math: 80SGD/hr and 2 hours/lesson

Please contact me for availability and the timing at 98512708. If your call is not answered, it is most likely that I am teaching and have my cell phone on silent. So please leave me a message and I’ll get back to you asap.


☎   98512708

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32 years


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60 SGD

February 22, 2016 03:50 (2 years ago)

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