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I'm currently waiting to matriculate into NTU's Business School, and looking for students who need a tutor. Or I would prefer to put it as consultations, as I feel that classes would be more suitable for potential tutees if it's altered to their preference in terms of lesson style.

I'm offering Maths tuition to all levels - from Primary to JC level. A* for PSLE Maths (Gongshang Primary School GSPS), A1 for both A.Maths and E.Maths in O Levels 2014 (Chung a Cheng High Main School CCHMS) and A in A Levels 2016 (Temasek Junior College TJC).

Experience wise, I've previously provided tuition under a Maths tutor before - in which he also constantly provides feedback to me on the way I tutor other tutees.

Location and time wise, I'm rather flexible though at the moment I prefer East locations. (When Uni starts in August I'll be able to accommodate West locations) It also does not have to be a fixed day and time every week, as long as we're free at the same period, I'm okay with tutoring then. (When Uni starts in August, tuition would most probably be arranged to be on a weekend.)
While I'm only providing Maths tuition at the moment, I'm open to ad-hoc questions from other subjects that I've studied and been examined for during the tuition sessions as well, as I believe that consultations shouldn't be limited to just one subject as it can get mentally draining.

Interested parents or tutees, do pm me at [email protected] for rates or for more information! (:

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19 years


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30 SGD

June 24, 2016 13:51 (1 year ago)

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