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I am Ian Chua, a former student of Raffles Institution. I graduated last year, and have already received my A Level results.

I have taken German as a third language since secondary 1, and have maintained an A-grade for German all the way. My A-Level results reflect this as well. For those interested, my complete A-Level results are as follows:

H1 General Paper - A
H1 Project Work - A
H2 Physics - A
H2 Mathematics - B
H2 Economics - A
H2 German - A
'O' Level Higher Chinese - B3

Why, then, do I only choose to offer German tuition? This is because of a few factors: firstly, my limited time frame during the week means I am only able to offer tuition on weekends, and specializing in one subject will make preparing lessons a lot easier; secondly, I have a great personal interest in the German language and culture, and intend to maintain my language skills in order to attend a German university in future; thirdly, there are very, very few German teachers available in Singapore, much less any who has actual experience with the German curriculum and marking scheme as laid out by the SEAB.

However, the fact that I have very little time does also mean that I will only be able to teach a limited number of students, maybe 2, every week. It would be much easier on me if fortnightly lessons could be arranged instead. In addition, the first few lessons will either be free or at a much reduced rate, because I need maybe two or three lessons to get a feel of what I need to do and cover during the lessons. Weekday lessons are completely out of the question. I would prefer to go to the student's house, seeing as how my house is in a pretty out-of-the-way location.


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Chua Jin Xin, Ian

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19 years


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March 19, 2016 15:23 (2 years ago)

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