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Bukit Batok, Singapore

I am a 5 year experienced math and science part time tutor currently studying in NTU for my final year. I have been teaching since 2014 and have taught many different students from Unity Secondary, Chung Cheng High, Swiss Cottage Secondary, St. Magarets Secondary, Kranji Secondary and many more.

1. What sets you apart from other tutors?
What sets me apart from most tutors – I teach students to UNDERSTAND the material and APPLY to the questions. Memorising without understanding will not work when it comes to application questions. I teach students to understand the requirements of the questions and offer step-by-step guides in answering questions for science. Understanding formula in math so that students can memorise faster and apply without cramming.

2. What are your qualifications?
Graduated from Clementi Town Secondary School with
A1 in Emath and Pure Chemistry, A2 in Pure Biology.
Graduated from St. Andrews JC with B for H2 Math and Chemistry.
Currently studying in NTU


☎   91255637

Teaching subjects:
Other subjects

Nicole Sim

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23 years


Hourly asking price:
35 SGD

January 11, 2019 01:55 (1 year ago)

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