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Python Tuition/Assignment Guide/Coding Services

Serangoon, Singapore


I'm a Tech Analyst at Citi and recent graduate from SMU Information Systems (primary major in Artificial Intelligence)

I'm offering online programming tuition (conducted through zoom) for:
1) Students who need help with schoolwork & exams
2) Professionals looking to pick up programming skills
3) Anyone else who wishes to learn programming and coding quickly

I provide guidance on programming assignments as well as other programming services eg. web scraping, data collection, python scripting, automation etc

So far I've taught 10+ students, and have provided guidance on 21 different programming assignments.

My primary areas of specialisation include:
1) Python Programming
2) Data Analytics and Machine Learning - Pandas, Sklearn, Tensorflow etc
3) Web Scraping & Data Collection - Beautifulsoup, Selenium etc
4) Web Development - VueJS, NuxtJS, Angular, Python FastAPI etc

Personal Website:

Linkedin Profile:

Medium Publications:

Note: I can guide you and prepare you for examinations through but I won't do your exams for you.

Do contact me through the following channels for more info:

[email protected]

Telegram handle: @zlliu
WhatsApp: 98003331


☎   98003331

Teaching subjects:

Liu Zuo Lin

Phone number:


24 years


Remote learning availability:

Hourly asking price:
60 SGD

October 17, 2021 22:35 (3 months ago)

October 31, 2021 16:35 (2 months ago)

376 times

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