School Chem Teacher Provide 1-1 or Small Group O/A level Tuition

Bukit Timah, Singapore

Dear Parents and Students,

Preparing for upcoming GCE O/A Level Exams? Having trouble with Chemistry?
Join Dr. Sharon Lee 's Chemistry Comprehensive Tuition Program and learn strategies and application skills to SCORE A1! for Prelims and the Actual O/A level exams! Dr. Sharon Lee have 5 years experience of teaching O/A level chemistry.

We have a range of programs for Sec 3 ,Sec 4 and JC1 students aimed at improving your science grades. Please refer to the course listed below or contact at Dr. Sharon Lee at 90868583 for more details.
1-1 Tuition and small group tuition are provided.

Call at 90868583!!!

**NEW** Foundation Booster Course ‘N/O’ level Chemistry
For Sec 3 students going to Sec 4, and Current Sec 4 students.

Topics covered:
1. Experimental Chemistry
2. Particulate Nature of Matter
3. Atomic Structure
4. Bonding and Structure of Matter
5. Stoichiometry and The Mole Concept
6. Qualitative Analysis
7. Identifications of Ions and Gases
8. The Periodic Table
9. Metals
10. Atmosphere and Environment

**NEW** Foundation Booster Course JC1 H2 chemistry
For JC 1 students going to have GCE A level H2 chemistry examination in 2015

This course is to prepare current JC1 students. It will help strengthen students' foundation in the A level H2 chemistry and will help prepare them for more difficult topics. Dr. Sharon Lee will cover ALL the GCE A level chemistry examination topics in detail and also to go through key application strategies to tackle challenging questions. All the tuition materials and assessment papers are designed according to new 2015 syllabus! Study materials, assessment papers, and preliminary papers are provided for free.

Venue: Nearest Chinese Garden MRT, (7 mins walk from MRT)


☎   90868583

Teaching subjects:

Dr. Sharon Lee

Phone number:


30 years


Hourly asking price:
35 SGD

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