Science/biology tutoring by PhD biophysics student.

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I am a computational biophysics PhD student with publications in the field and an undergraduate masters degree in biochemistry (2:1 honors, 1st class masters University of Liverpool). I am currently working on my thesis at Singapore's A*STAR Bioinformatics Institute under the supervision of Dr. Frank Eisenhaber, and the PhD will be awarded by the faculty of chemistry, University of Manchester. I am a friendly, methodical, and patient tutor.

I have assisted as a class tutor for undergraduates during my time as a masters and PhD student, as well as leading workshops for high school students. I co-presented a talk at the Liverpool 12th Learning and Teaching conference about using post-graduates to assist undergraduate teaching. In terms of one to one tuition, I tutored English whilst working at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University. With regard to lecturing, I have presented my research in Thailand, Singapore, the UK and Germany.

My interest in education and outreach also extends into my free time. I happily answer questions from the public on Biology Stack Exchange about aspects of biology and my questions and answers have reached over a hundred thousand people. My favorites include "Why do we laugh?", "How statistically significant was the 'sweaty T-shirt' experiment?" and "Why do squirrels have twitchy bushy tails?".

Although examination results and keeping up with class assignments is the priority, the aim of my tuition style is to encourage analytical and critical thinking in order to synthesize intelligent, clear, and answerable questions. This is a highly valuable skill that can be transferred far beyond biology and is key for independent learning. I will work through the curriculum material with the student, and encourage them to discuss the significance of the topic in both academic and real-world terms; narratives aid learning.


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James Baker

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