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Hello, thanks for reading my listing =)

Just a quick introduction, I graduated a year ago from NTU. And now, I'm working full time as broker/ analyst in a decent corporation (I would think haha ). I love my job, and also think that it would be a joy to be able to talk to young people and impart my learning to them. Hence, I have decided to upload this listing to offer my teaching in Maths/Chinese on weekends. Currently, only keen to take in one more on top of my current one.

Strong believer of learning through understanding the subject and realistic application. At the same time, enjoying the process and understand that learning is not a chore - it can be fun and good for your personal growth! Just been through this phase and know exactly how they feel!

Some credentials of myself

Maths: Been through rigorous maths training since young, mother put me through tuitions as well, not alot, because we were not that affluent. I focus on learning through the steps my MOE-trained teacher has taught me - and applying them effectively. Have been teaching a student for a couple of years now, since Sec 3 days and see her till sec 5 now - her result has progressed and it has been shown for her N level result. We have a happy and satisfied mom and we continued for another year in preparation for her O level.

Chinese: I was born in mandarin speaking family. Took higher chinese since Primary school, up till high school.
I finished my study in River Valley High School (one of the 6 Singapore's SAP chinese school) - Finished govt. higher chinese O level paper and get A 1. (note that, as long as we pass higher chi for Olvl, we no longer have any obligatory govt chi paper after that. Hence, no alvl chi paper )
Finished International qualification of chinese (HAN YU SHUI PING KAO SHI HIGHEST LEVEL 6 ) - 265/300. This test is basically the equivalent of SATS, but its for Chinese. It tests all 3 aspects of chinese skills - listening/speaking/writing

Have been teaching students since I was an undergraduate. now, I have decided to keep myself busy on the weekend and focus on just a couple of students and take a more focused approach on these students.

Please drop me a message on 93839543 / 86927066 - Miss Joanne

Open to students primary school to secondary school
- P5/6 - $100 per session ( 2 hours )
-Sec 1 - Sec 5 (Nlvl/Olvl are okay) - $100 per session ( 1.5 hours )
- Do accept group tuition of max 4 students
- Please Whatsapp to discuss further

Thank you


☎   93839543

Teaching subjects:

Joanne Tan

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24 years


Hourly asking price:
50 SGD

June 27, 2020 17:56 (3 months ago)

June 27, 2020 18:02 (3 months ago)

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