Young, pasionate tutor offer head-start tutoring in Biology, Chemistry, Economics and General Paper during the Holidays!!

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My name is Weng Yek.

I have just graduated from Raffles Institution and finished my A Level examinations. For my Preliminary examination results, I have earned As in Biology, Chemistry, Economics and General Paper (and a B for Mathematics), and have been offered early admission into NUS and NTU. I am extremely passionate in teaching and when my students learn. I have given tuition before as part of community service to primary school children. I wish to give tuition to help supplement my family's income.

I offer tutoring in Biology, Chemistry, Economics and General Paper for A Level. These are some strategies I believe would help you achieve competence in these subjects:

Biology: Memorising is important. However, there are logical ways to learn and understand the information, usually from a big picture to a small picture analysis. Of course, practice makes perfect.
Chemistry: Memorising is important for some topics. Again, there are logical ways to learn and process. Very important is understanding the fundamental concepts well then applying them to solve questions.
Economics: Understanding the concepts is the most important to knowing the subject first. Then, given the time constraints, you must learn to understand what the question wants (very quickly) and cover all the points needed. Also, to learn some useful high-level points to gain those precious Evaluation marks.
General Paper: While knowledge of current affairs is important, you can learn strategies (type of arguments, how to rebut arguments, how to develop Evaluation points) to best plan and answer the question. As for Paper 2, time management and techniques are the key.

I learnt History and French in Secondary School, achieving a Grade Point of 4.0 (highest) in History (RA), a more-advanced Raffles Academy History course offered by my school, and an A for O Level French (and Grade Point of 4.0 for all other tests in that year)
History: Memorising is inevitable. However, what is more important is to organise those facts around points and arguments and to tailor those arguments to answering your SBQ or Essay.
French: Mais oui. To learn any language requires understanding the fundamental grammar and to learn a lot of vocabulary. PRACTICE is very important.

I am available in the Jurong area, anytime during this . Of course, everything is negotiable.


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Wong Weng Yek

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