Financial Accounting/Principle of Accounts Tuition (Online Reduced Fees for Covid-19 Home Based Learning)

Novena MRT Station, Singapore

Recent students include:

SMU Master of Science in Applied Finance - ADV Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management (FNCE6048) [AY23-24 Term 1]
SMU Master of Science in Applied Finance - Equity Analysis and Portfolio Management (FNCE6006) [AY22-23 Term 1]
SMU Master of Science in Applied Finance - Adv Financial Statement Analysis (ACCT644) [AY22-23 Term 2]
SMU Advanced Taxation (ACCT403) [AY23-24 Term 1]
SMU Financial Reporting & Analysis (ACCT224) [AY22-23 Term 1]
SMU Financial Accounting (ACCT111 / ACCT101) [AY22-23 Sem 1, AY21-22 Sem 1 & AY20-21 Sem 1]
Singapore Chartered Accountant Professional Paper - Financial Reporting Dec 2022
SMU Advanced Financial Accounting (ACCT613) [AY21-22 Term 3]
NUS Accounting for Decision Makers (ACC1701X) [AY21-22 Sem 1]
NTU Financial Management (AB1201) [AY21-22 Sem 1]
SIM-UOL Financial Reporting (AC2091 ZA) [AY20-21 Sem 2]
SIT Financial Accounting (ACC2001) [AY19-20 Tri 3]
ACCA Management Accounting (F2) [2023 to Present]
ACCA Financial Accounting (F3) [2021 to 2022]
Singapore Poly Business Accounting (BA0275) [AY20-21 Sem 1]
University of Manchester Fundamentals of Financial Reporting (BMAN 10621) [AY2022 Term 2]
King's College London Introduction to Corporate Finance (5SSMN224) [AY21-22 Sem 1]
King's College London Introduction to Financial Reporting (4QQMN501) [AY20-21 Sem 1]

I am a Graduate Accountant from one of Singapore’s Big 4 Accounting firm offering tuition services ranging from University / Poly / Secondary / Working professionals taking their Singapore Chartered Examinations.

- NUS Accountancy Graduate (Honours with Distinction)
- Singapore Chartered Accountant since Sep 2022
- Graduated from RJC/RI

I am committed and at your service. Online lessons will be conducted through Zoom and use of Excel to ensure smooth and conducive lesson. Having studied accounting for more than 5 years, I use an exam-focused approach: Firstly going through the concepts in detailed yet concised manner. Secondly, consolidating all the concepts and to make sure you will be able to apply it during the examinations. And thirdly, going through the Ten-Year Series papers to make sure you are well prepared for the exam.

Please drop me a message at 9623 4957 to find out more (WhatsApp & SMS is preferred over email)


☎   96234957

Teaching subjects:

Mr. Lim

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27 years


Remote learning availability:

Hourly asking price:
50 SGD

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